In 1996, Taipan Abrasives was launched in Australia by a family owned and operated company based in Tamworth, New South Wales.  Australia is a land with many species of reptiles, animals and insects and the name TAIPAN is inspired by the most venomous snake in the world, the Inland Taipan, check out our webpage THE TAIPAN SNAKE to learn more.  Our slogan, THE BRAND WITH BITE!is reflected in the way our products are designed to cut or remove material rapidly and effectively.  

In 2012, Taipan Abrasives was introduced to the abrasives world in North America and with the strength of global expertise we’ve established a recognition for quality and service in everything we do.



It’s about you.  Whether you hold the angle grinder, the welding torch or you support the folks that do.  Whether you work in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, the Atlantic Region, the Northern Region or the United States of America.  The Taipan Canada customer-driven approach is here to make your job an easier one.  Through our comprehensive national network of distributors Taipan Canada provides you with the best products and solutions for your specific applications.



The Taipan Abrasives Group and Taipan Canada will become a globally recognized supplier of industrial products, well respected by both customers and competitors for providing consistent quality, unique solutions and reliable supply.



Taipan Canada is committed to developing a comprehensive range of quality industrial abrasive and polishing products under the Taipan® brand, welding consumables under the Weldclass® brand and distributing this range through its expansive network of approved distributors.  Taipan Canada is all about realizing potential and converting this to sales growth.