TAIPAN GRIND | Edition 5

Posted on Jan 9, 2019

Edition 5 focuses on the features and benefits that have made the Weldclass Promax Welding Helmet series a popular product across North America. Weldclass has over 30 years of experience in supplying and designing welding helmets and we know that some features cannot be compromised if you are going to get a reliable helmet and value for money.


A testimonial from a Promax Welding Helmet owner says it all, “I can see!! No really…I CAN SEE, I have tried three helmets before this and lost money, for the first time in my life I am able to see through a welding helmet lens. Thank you for a great product…”. In addition to sharp, crisp optics that allow you to see the finer details of your job, Promax Helmets (excluding the Promax 180) now have ECR (Enhanced Color Recognition) technology. Without compromising UV and IR protection, ECR increases the spectrum of colors that are visible through the lens, providing an even sharper picture.


We’re all about practical features that make a difference, but we are also careful not to over complicate things. When considering the features on our helmets, our first questions are; Will it really improve user experience? Or is it just something that’s exciting to talk about? And will it make the helmet more reliable, or potentially less reliable? Sure, fancy features such as digital controls may look good on the surface but often, they negatively impact aspects such as reliability, weight and comfort. When it comes to headgear design, we think you will agree that “basic and reliable” is always better than “fancy and fragile”, Promax headgear is simple yet robust and comfortable. Welding professionals and enthusiasts keep telling us that the things they appreciate most about Promax helmets are; reliability, easy operation, light weight, comfortable and great optics. We promise to keep it that way!


Promax helmets use a “hinge and lock” system. The front cover lens is clamped very firmly in place around the entire perimeter of the lens, this prevents spatter leaking onto the electronic lens which causes damage and voids warranty. Replacing the front cover lens is very quick and easy. Be wary of helmets that have front-loading cover lenses. From experience, we have found that the vast majority of these allow spatter to leak onto the electronic lens which not only risks damage to the lens, but also permanently marks the surface and reduces visibility.


Inside an auto-darkening lens are many layers of components. The "easy" way to assemble these components is to glue around the edge. The "best" way is to laminate each layer to the next, across the whole surface area. This is more costly to manufacture, however it results in a lens that is more reliable, more damage resistant and has better optical quality. All Weldclass Promax electronic lenses are fully laminated.


The most amazing welding helmet in the world is not worth much if you can’t get support when something doesn’t work like it should. Let’s face it, this happens to every brand occasionally, and yes, on the rare occasion it happens with Promax welding helmets too. Here’s the difference; we strive to offer the most painless and customer-friendly warranty support in the industry. If you have a genuine warranty issue, we’ll sort it with a minimum of fuss so you can get back to your job.





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